How To Find Your Soulmate

How To Find and Meet The One

A Unique Step-By-Step Formula for Finding and Attracting The Man Of Your Dreams

Here is Your Chance To Find and Attract The Man Of Your Dreams and Finally Achieve a Blissful Relationship That You’ve Always Dreamed About

By Elaine M.D.

A Dating and Relationship Author


Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?


"Why am I still single?"

"Why do I always attract Mr. Wrong when I am looking for Mr. Right?"

"Will I ever find a husband?"

"Will I ever find true love with a man who adores me?"

"Why do I always get dumped?"

"Why didn’t he call back?"

"What’s wrong with me?"

"Why can’t I get a boyfriend?"

"When will I get married?"


If you can’t seem to find, meet and attract The Man of Your Dreams...


This will be the most important page you’ll ever read because right on this page I am going to share with you the truth about why you have not found your dream man yet… and how to change that so you can finally have the security of knowing that you are with a man of your dreams who is everything you’ve ever dreamed about in a man wrapped up in a handsome package, and who adores you, loves you and will go to the end of the world for you!


It’s time you learned the secrets!


You CAN begin finding true love today! You can find that special someone to love you - your soul mate. And, it’s never been easier…


What are the top qualities of The Man Of Your Dreams? (Check all that apply to you):














Financially and Emotionally Stable

Willing to settle down with the right woman



Other (Specify):

Now that you are done listing the qualities of the man of your dreams, let me ask you this;


How long have you been waiting for this man to show up in your life?


If you are like most of my single clients, you have been waiting for your dream man for what it seems like forever, but every time you meet a man who you think might have a potential, he turns out to have some issues.


Perhaps you try to ‘fix’ him hoping that one day he is going to turn into your Prince Charming, but in the end it never happens, and you end up alone, lonely and heartbroken again and again.


And the more you fail, the more you begin to believe that maybe you don’t deserve a good man who wants to marry you, and that terrible sinking feeling of loneliness and being unworthy of a good man starts to bring you down every day.


You begin to think that perhaps you should just settle for whatever you can get, and even then you just don’t seem to find and attract a man, any man who wants to marry you.


Seeing your friends getting married makes you feel that perhaps there is something wrong with you, and makes you question your own ability to find a good man who wants to marry you!


And when you look around you see that all of your friends who used to be single are now married, this makes you feel even more isolated, lonely and despondent.


When you go to a coffee shop on a Sunday morning you see families strolling around, mothers with young children, fathers driving their families to a park, and this makes you feel even worse because you want this too, but you don’t have it yet!


In my experience working with single women I’ve heard this story thousands of times. And I know how lonely and isolated a woman can feel when she has repeatedly failed to find a man to marry.


But it’s not your fault!


Because if this describes your experience, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you; the reason you have not found your dream husband yet is because like most single women, you simply don’t know how to approach finding the man of your dreams in a way that will attract The Right Man for You and keep you away from the wrong ones!


The men you are meeting may not always be bad, BUT they are simply BAD FOR YOU!


The men you meet and date are not good for you, and this is the reason you end up single and lonely again!


But don’t worry, because right on this page I am going to draw the curtains to expose the truth about what you are doing wrong that attracts the wrong men to you, and how you can change this and start attracting THE RIGHT MEN and literally CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY!


What if I told you that I have a special formula that will help you find and attract not just any man, but the man of your dreams?


This is no joke, because for years I have been helping women find, meet and attract the EXACT KIND OF MEN THEY’VE ALWAYS DREAMED ABOUT!


And once you learn the subtle subliminal secrets I am about to teach you on how to ATTRACT THE RIGHT MAN into your life, your love life will change forever!


Here are just some of the SUCCESS STORIES of my private clients whom I taught HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT MAN!


Nancy was dating a man for a year and a half. She wanted a REAL COMMITMENT but the relationship she was in felt like she was her man’s ‘weekend girlfriend’ rather than a real committed relationship.


She tried to leave her boyfriend several times because he didn’t give her the commitment she wanted.


She made it clear that being in her late thirties she wanted to get married soon and have a child. Her boyfriend kept telling her he wasn’t sure about marriage and he definitely didn’t want children.


After an off-again and on-again relationship that lasted for almost a year and a half Nancy still did not know whether she was going to celebrate next Christmas with her boyfriend or not. Sometimes he’d just disappear on her and she kept calling him repeatedly not being able to get a hold of him.


Then he’d call her as is nothing happened and told her he was busy celebrating the holidays with friends, or at some party he’d attended. When she’d inquire why he did not invite her to come along he’d tell her he didn’t feel like driving to pick her up.


She’d throw a fit and break up with him, and he’d call her a few days later and told her he loved her and wanted her back, so she’d come back and he’d immediately start doing the same thing over and over which was treating her as a weekend girlfriend with no real commitment, dropping her whenever he pleased and disappearing for days and weeks which she spent agonizing about what was going to happen next and the future of their relationship.


Finally, Nancy got the courage to take the plunge – she stopped taking her birth control pill hoping that once she got pregnant it would make her boyfriend ‘take responsibility’ and marry her.


When her boyfriend found out, here is the conversation they had; he told her calmly that she’d known all along that he did not want children, and he did not want commitment and marriage. He told her that since she had decided to have a child despite his wishes she was on her own, and she should own up to her irresponsible decision. And after that he dropped her like a rock.


This is when Nancy came across my site looking for information on how to get her ex boyfriend back. At first she signed up for my newsletters and after reading my newsletters for a few months she contacted me by e-mail inquiring about private coaching consultations.


When I started coaching Nancy her child was two months old. She was broken and lonely, raising her child alone. On top of that she found out that her boyfriend was now engaged to a woman with two children and they were expecting their own child also.


Nancy was devastated! She couldn’t understand why a man who was with her off and on for eighteen months without giving her the real commitment would suddenly propose to an unemployed Welfare mom with two children, moved her into her house and gave her everything Nancy wanted but never got!


But it was too late to try to get him back and I recommended that she move on and find THE RIGHT MAN!


See, it wasn’t that the man she’d been with was the wrong man all along. Ultimately he found the right woman for him and settled down. Nancy’s problem was that the man she’d been with was the wrong man for her!


I started coaching her how to find the right man for her, and four months later she met a man who shortly after became her husband!


Not only did he proposed and married her five months after they met, he became a wonderful father to her child, and even adopted her child as in a step-parent adoption!


And the most amazing thing was that he was not only a stable, secure in his job, highly intelligent man, but he was also four years younger than she was and absolutely knock-out handsome!



If you are like most single women, you keep meeting and attracting the wrong men.


They may be jerks, or they may be great matches for somebody else, but they are not the right ones for you!


And what I am going to teach you is how to IDENTIFY, FIND and MEET The Right Man For You!


And what the right man for you means – the man who embodies EVERYTHING YOU’VE EVER WANTED IN A MAN and who is also RIGHT FOR YOU!


No more struggling trying to find out if he is the one – with my SECRET FORMULA you will know up-front that you will only be attracting men who have the real potential, and find the man of your dreams quickly and without the costly mistakes that could otherwise cost you dearly – stop wasting years of your precious time on a guessing game!


You want to find, meet and attract the man whose meeting will ensure the future you’ve always dreamed about – the man who is right for you and for the best possible relationship of your life!


I have the program that’s GUARANTEED when you follow the steps to bring you to YOUR DESTINY!



The Formula for Finding YOUR Mr. Right


In this comprehensive home-study course delivered to you in a form of an electronic book (e-book) as an instant download on your computer on OVER 100 PAGES I am going to teach you the secrets I taught many of my private clients that brought them great relationships and their future spouses!


How to find your mr right home study course 

These secrets by far are NOT some generic dating advice you can read in Cosmo and other women’s magazines.


This is the real deal!


You will not find the secrets discussed in this home-study guide anywhere else where it talks about meeting and dating men.


These secrets are SUBLIMINAL and POWERFUL!




In this course I am going to teach you how to USE THE HIGHER POWER TO ATTRACT THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS INTO YOUR LIFE!


Whether you believe in the higher power or are skeptical, IT WORKS!


Once you use the techniques I am about to share herein, you will be astounded when you see that the Formula I am about to give you will bring the man of your dreams into your life!


This program is for you if one or more is true about you:


You want to find the man for a relationship of your dreams


You believe that there is a man out there who is your perfect match, and the destiny just hasn’t brought him up into your life


You want to create your own destiny and attract the right man into your life who embodies everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a man


You have given up on dating and meeting men


You feel that there aren’t any decent single men left


You think that all the good ones are taken and the ones that aren’t are all the wrong ones


You feel that your life is passing by without the most important part of it – someone to share it with


You assume that you will never find a man for you


You feel that dating is just too confusing and want the system that will effortlessly attract the right man into your life


You feel that there aren’t or rarely any man who interests you


You want to have the relationship that every woman can only dream about in her wildest dreams!




Here is another SUCCESS STORY of a client I helped several years ago:


Dinara was with the wrong man for two year. These were the years when she was in her late twenties and wanted to get married FAST!


After two years of dating Dinara was still not introduced to his parents who lived out of town. She knew she and her boyfriend were sexually exclusive, but wasn’t in a hurry to make her a part of his life.


She got pregnant by accident. When her boyfriend found out, he was puzzled and didn’t know how to handle it.


Two months later Dinara had a miscarriage. She could tell her boyfriend was relieved. He brought flowers to the hospital and held her, but she knew and could tell by his body language and his facial expressions that a rock had fallen off of his chest. He had a sigh of relief.


Shortly after her boyfriend dumped her. She was so devastated from the loss of her child and the loss of the relationship with a man she loved, that she started compulsive eating and put on a lot of weight. At this point she thought she’d never attract a man – she was now in her own opinion grossly overweight and thought she didn’t look attractive at all.


After she met me, she finally started moving on and slowly after began using the secrets that I taught her.


Several months later, following my advice and my techniques I am about to share with you in this home study course, she met a man who became her boyfriend and later her husband.


This man absolutely ADORES her the way she is – overweight in her opinion and about 50 lbs. heavier than she was before the tragic miscarriage happened.


To most men she was still overweight, but to her husband she is the most beautiful woman in the world.


They now have two wonderful children and a marriage to die for!



If you think that you will never attract the man of your dreams who is everything you want in a man, and who will love you for you – you are dead wrong!


With my system, which has since helped countless women to find the relationships of their dreams – you can have it too!


Right now I am offering this program (which I charged my private clients thousands of dollars in private coaching sessions for) at a one-time measly One-Time payment which is a tiny investment for the AMAZING return – THE RELATIONSHIP OF YOUR DREAMS!


If you think about it, how much money do you spend every single month on cosmetics, clothes, lotions and fragrance for a mere possibility of attracting a man on the street or at a bar?


And even though you spend all this money on things that you think might attract a man on the street, how much of it has really worked for you in the end?


And if it had worked, wouldn’t you be with your man right now instead of sitting here alone reading this page?


You wouldn’t!


Then why not take a small fraction of what you are already spending in an attempt to attract a man, and channel this same money –  just a small fraction of it – into something that REALLY WORKS?


How much money are you already spending going out so you can meet a man? And the men you meet are all the wrong ones! If they weren’t, you wouldn’t be here reading this page right now!


Instead of making the wrong decision over and over which leads you to disappointment, frustration and loneliness you could for once start making the right decisions and invest into something that will lead you to the MAN OF YOUR DREAMS!


Instant Download from this page – No Waiting – Download Now On Your Computer in a format of an ELECTRONIC BOOK (E-Book) delivered to you in Adobe Reader (PDF) File.


Never again will you fear that you'll end up with the wrong man - instead you will have the confidence to know that you'll find and attract the man who's exactly right for you!


This course is 100+ pages which you can read on your computer, save it on your computer and even print it out as many times as you want!


This course is not sold in stores; you can only get it from this website only!


Immediately after secure payment through PayPal you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to download this course on your computer.


The download instructions will also be sent to you by e-mail.


And there is more!




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As you're thinking about putting this system to work for you, imagine how amazing your life can be, and how much better you feel when you don’t doubt any more that this will work for you!

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 “You're At A Fork In The Road Right Now...”


One direction leads to the same old - broken heart, confusion about men and relationships, loneliness and unhappiness. If you are doing exactly what you've done in the past you will not get results that will be any different.

Hoping against all odds that this time the same old path will take you to a new destination is just plain stupid…

You know... the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results... Just how many more times are you going to walk the same road that leads you nowhere?

You need to stop the insanity and take the other road...

The road that leads to a new mindset... a new outlook... and finally to happiness...

The road paved with $150,000.00 of research, or trial and error, hundreds of hours of work and heartache...

The road proven to get you the relationship you deserve.

The road that leads straight to a brand new future for you.

Your path to your new future is waiting for you!


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I can't even begin to describe just how powerfully these secrets can transform your life! And you can find it all here, in this exciting, new program!

Don't put this off. Get this area of your life handled now - once and for all.

And take advantage of this special, low introductory price before it goes away.

Get this course now, and start living the kind of life you deserve.


Elaine M.D.


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